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Case Study

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Project Details

Date: 2022
Location: Quebec, Canada
Task: Web Development, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Branding Strategy, Social Media

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    Madusanté is a Quebec based startup media company in the Wellness & Health sector. The Founder and investors had conducted extensive R&D into Concept Generation of developing media products and service lines around Health & Wellness platforms. The targeted market place is the developing Wellness sectors in Canada, France, Switzerland, Monaco and Belgium.

    The R&D identified several preventive illnesses that perpetrate extensive monetary strains on global health care systems. Despite significant government investments in public education and significant build out of preventive medicine platforms, physicians, dietitians and nutritionist have not achieved successful life style changes in targeted patients profiles. Young patients who are obese are leading candidates for hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. The medical cost of these patients drain significant resources from health care budgets.

    The R&D that Madusanté conducted identified these market stress points and developed Product & Service lines that provide solutions to the market.

    Madusanté needed an effective media production solution with an effective Digital Marketing Plan. Thinklyn was retained to build the media infrastructure and the development of the Madusanté's social media presence.

    Thinklyn's Business Development Group will provide the lead in developing Madusanté's Marketing & Sales Plan which includes outsourcing expert sales reps, BDR/SDR services, prospecting, lead generation and qualification.

    The fact that the targeted markets require bilingual production of web-based media and business development product/service lines made Thinklyn the best choice for Madusanté.

    For more information about the Madusanté Case Study please feel free to contact us.

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