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Social Media Handle Ideas When Your Business Name Is Already Taken

What’s Your Handle?

So you have your unique business name and your about to create accounts for Instagram, Twitter, Etc., but then you notice that your particular business name has already been taken by some random person on Twitter. What are you supposed to do now? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. Thinklyn has a dozen great ideas for you to try, but before we get there let’s go over a few “Handle” tips that are essential to becoming a successful brand on social media.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Social Media Handle

Social media is vital to a successful brand and in most cases it will be the very first interaction that your customers will have with your business. So, before you make any decisions on your business name it is important to not only check if the domain is available, but to also check every social you intend on using to make sure your handle is available across every platform. Now we understand unless you chose a very unique business name (which we highly suggest) the likelihood of your handle being available on every social is very unlikely. As long as you follow the tips below and take a look at our “Handle Ideas” you should be able to find the perfect handle to use for all of your socials. 

  • Make sure your handle is consistent across all platforms. You should use Namecheckr to check username availability across all social networks.
  • Less is More. Keep your social media handle short and simple so that people can easily remember it.
  • Avoid using any underscores if possible. Consumers are much less likely to remember or type in social media handles with underscores. However, in some situations they may be appropriate to use in order to differentiate between two different words, but try to limit underscores as much as possible.
  • Use a name that appeals to your target audience. Your social media handle is an opportunity to make a good first impression, you can be creative but your handle should make business sense

Social Media Handle Ideas for when Your Business Name is Already Taken.

Here are a dozen ideas to help give you the perfect social media handle.

1. Acronym

It doesn’t hurt to check if an acronym of your business name is available, especially if it is a long name.

Social Media Handle Ideas When Your Business Name Is Already Taken

2. Shorten Your Name

This can be difficult to pull off, but if possible it is ideal for your brand. Shortening your handle is great especially if your business name is long and difficult to remember.  

Social Media Handle Ideas When Your Business Name Is Already Taken

3. “HQ”

Adding “HQ” to the end of your business name is one of our favorite hacks for companies. HQ is the universal symbol of headquarters and can be used whenever your business name is already taken. 

Social Media Handle Ideas When Your Business Name Is Already Taken

4. “Inc”

Adding “Inc” to the end of your business name is great way to make your business seem much more professional and global.

5. “Ask”

You can put “ask” right before your business name. It’s a great hack for any businesses or individuals that offer a service.

6. “Try”

Using “try” right before your business name is another one of our favorite handle ideas and it also serves as a call-to-action (CTA).

Social Media Handle Ideas When Your Business Name Is Already Taken

7. Location

If relevant you can use the location of your business on the backend of your business name. This is great if your business serves a particular region or city. 

8. “Labs”

You can use “Labs” after your business name, especially if you are a creative brand or creative service such as web development.

9. “DotCom”

Adding “DotCom” or “.com” to the end of your business name is a great handle solution. Also using the domain helps guide your followers to your site.

10. “The”

You can use “The” before your business name. This works great both for individuals and businesses.

Social Media Handle Ideas When Your Business Name Is Already Taken

11. “WeAre”

Use “WeAre” before your business name to emphasize your company’s culture. Its a great way to acknowledge your team.

12. When In Doubt, Give Some Context

Give your followers some context to what your business does. Putting “App”, “Care”, “Tech”, or “NFT” at the end of your business name are just a few examples of handles that give great context to their audience.

Social Media Handle Ideas When Your Business Name Is Already Taken

Congratulations On Your New Handle!

Now that you have come up with a great business name and you have registered your social media handles, it’s time to continue working on your brand identity and strategy. Thinklyn can help you with your Logo Design, Branding, Web Design, Digital MarketingSales, Etc. 

Book a free business consultation with Thinklyn today!

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